Lambert Sez: In Which Lambert Feels Pretty
7:12 pm - Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2009

Before & After

Billy Talent II (album) - Billy Talent

Lambert's brother came home in a foul mood on September 11th.

It wasn't about the Twin Towers; it was about Lambert lazing around. After a bit of a fight, and a bit of random happenstance, the chores of the house got done, anyway.

The night before, her friend Ani brought her to her husband's work to watch movies. From there on, Lambert called almost every night to see if they were up for more of the same.

She slept through most of Saturday; she woke up depressive and agitated. Somehow, she made it up to Hickey's dorm. Though, they only really hung out for a little bit, watching the Kristy Swanson Buffy movie. Lambert stayed up for an extra hour; whilst her friend (attepted?) slept, Lambert watched a pair of Sarah Michelle Gellar Buffy episodes. The inevitable came: Xander and Willow were exposed. Lambert was vaguely disappointed that she didn't get to see what happened from there. Would Oz cease to be a character without his relationship with Willow in play? She didn't know.

She woke up several times through the night. She was sort of surprised that the time was not later, when she did get up. As with the day before, she almost fell back asleep.

She walked Hickey most of the way to work. After waiting for almost an hour for a bus, she headed home. It was around this day that Lambert had broken yet another watch. It was her observation that waiting for public transit was all the more stressful when she didn't have a halfwit's clue as to what the time was.. especially on Sundays, when the service was deliberately set as sub-par.

At 10 that night, she headed out with Ani, yet again. Her new bosom buds, Ani, and Ani's husband Ty, were before time very concerned about the state of Lambert's living space situation. Around this time, they had started to see what Lambert had been trying to point out about her not being a decent housemate. Lambert noted that they didn't quite seem to believe the part about Lambert being Crazy. Perchance they will think otherwise later? She mused infrequently.

In the wee hours of September 15th's morning, Lambert went on a smoke-run with her sister. Her sister, being 18, still was relying on her older, though somewhat more childlike big sister, to get her cigarettes. Sister had quit, for the most part, about a month ago. Lambert was what some people might describe as an 'enabler'. As Lambert saw it, "It's not about the smokes; it's up to you -- you get cancer from everything, anyway -- it's more about these walks. I love the night air. Any excuse to get outside works with me." It was also about getting a talk with her sister; Lambert and Sister rarely had a quality moment inside the walls of their mother's dwelling. Something about having Brother, or Dust (Sister's man,) around killed any real conversation between the siblings.

Later, Lambert would observe to herself that the best conversations to be had were that of the sort had during tête-à-tête nightwalks, and the sort. When people were singled off from their compadres, the tones of conversation shifted from entertainment to soul-bearing. Lambert was a royal participant of baring her soul; lately, she had been much more interested in hearing others' misery. Not so much that she was a full-fledged confidante, but enough that people had taken to telling her some of the things on their minds.

For the rest of the day of September 15th, Lambert cleaned, made soup, and exercised to a trilogy of season 3 Venture Bros episodes. Curious, she took to the internet to find that some new episodes were slated for release in the next month.

Caesar came home while everyone else was away. He had a chat with her about some of the reasons he wanted to move out. She was surprised that he had a similar position on Red Demon's free haircuts.. though, his conclusion as to their occurrence seemed wildly unrealistic. It got her imagination running for a bit. Her mind shut down the Caesar's imagined scenario soon enough.

She waited to call Ani, again. Lambert had to get up in the morning, to see that particular friend, so she wasn't sure if Ani would want to see her that night.. and the next morning. She was all dressed up, regardless; lately, she'd taken to dressing and fussing with her hair through the day. She was working with a new style involving a braid, and looped sides.

And then, it was time for supper, at last...

Before & After


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