Lambert Sez: In which Lambert goes back, and goes elsewhere
11:44 am - Thursday, Nov. 05, 2009

Before & After

Tonight (album) - Franz Ferdinand

I'm sick of this narration shit.

So: news. Mostly, I think I will just explain that I moved out, to an apartment, again. This time, I'm downtown. This is my 3rd move, and my 3rd part of town. As you can tell, my success rate kind of blows.

Mom says that this part of town is really bad; she didn't know why I wanted to be down here. I'm not particularly scared of it; I don't go out alone at night -- the one friend I'd see at weird hours lives a street away.

I moved here to be close to stuff. I have friends in college, friends in the area. I was sick of taking the bus all the time. Now that I live down here, I'll barely have to leave the area. I don't know if this means I'll see my friends more. They're busy people.

Halloween: went to GALA with Hickey. We boogied for about 2 hours. She has a way of dancing that led me to two thoughts: she's fluid, and probably would give a wild lapdance. Not that I wanted one. I didn't see her with sexual desire. I think that's passed with her availability. I was a little sad when it first came up, but, I sort of think Aar is the 'better man', anyway. Being that she's straight, I guess that I lost in advance. I'm not feeling so down about it anymore. I do, though, go through periods where I feel lonely and odd, because I'm one of the few single people I know. Even Zilla has better luck with picking up dates than I do (though, her tastes are certainly not mine).

Hickey slept over, after a trip to Denny's; the bill came late, so I joked about a discount -- I got it, and gave it back in tips. By this time, I had moved a lot of the heavy stuff to the apartment, and had borrowed some bedding from Mom for this adventure.

I felt sort of sick when I woke up, that Sunday. It's carried on to now. Most of the days between then and now have been spent bringing more stuff here. I've gone out a little. Yesterday and the day before I was fairly sick. Today I'm just puking and a little stuffed up. I think I hoarked up my meds. I won't try retaking them. I was telling everyone that ginger ale and Tylenol was keeping everything going; I think I overdid the ginger ale today, because that's most of what came back up. Of course, now I feel parched. I've been sipping the last of my peach juice. I think that if I manage to stop puking, I'll try to get some juice powder later.

There's a whole lot of random stuff people have told me lately, that I won't be putting here.

Sigh. What to do with my day--!

Before & After


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